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Carwash guide


Tools required for the process:

1)   2 or 3 buckets ( 1 Wash, 1 Wheels, 1 Rinse )

2)   Grid guards for each bucket

3)   2 Wash mitts ( wheels & paintwork separated )

4)   Various wheel brushes

5)   Washing soap (wheels & paintwork separated )

6)   High pressure washer ( HP washer ) + foam cannon

7)   Microfiber ( MF ) drying towels

8)   Quick Detailer/Spraywax

9)   Glass cleaner + Glass cleaning cloth

10)  Tire Dressing 


1)     Inspection

Walk around the car and assess the level of dirt. Lookout for tar splatter, new stone chips or maybe a new door ding.


Note - If there is any tar splatter on the car, you should remove that with a tar remover BEFORE washing your car to prevent the tar from bonding to your wash mitt.


2)      Wheels

You always want to wash your wheels before you wash your car. Before you start rinsing the wheels, make sure that you have all your brushes as well as your wheel wash mitt in your wash bucket with a grid guard in each bucket. Add soap to your bucket (check the dilution ratio of the soap you are using) and fill half or 3 quarter of the way, doing the same in your rinse bucket.


Note- You can either rinse your wheels before spraying your wheel cleaner spray or spray the wheels first and then rinse them off. I prefer to rinse my wheels and arches before spraying the wheels with the wheel cleaner.


*        Rinse your wheel + the wheel arch (working on 1 wheel at a time)

*        Apply your wheel cleaner spray to the face of your rim

*        Use your long wheel brush to scrub/clean the barrel of the wheel, starting at 12 o‘clock, allowing the           soap & water to run down the barrel, avoiding double work

*        Gently scrub the face of the rim with a smaller/lug nut brush and give the tire a quick scrub                       afterwards

*        Use your wash mitt to clean behind the spokes of the wheel. After a rinse clean the face of the rim

*        Use your long wheel brush again to scrub your wheel well/arches

*        Rinse your wheel with your HP washer and move onto the next


Note- After each use of a brush/wash mitt, first rinse it in your rinse bucket before putting it back in your wash bucket to remove as much loose dirt as possible. Drying and tire dressing happens at a later stage 


3)      Washing the car

After washing your wheels, empty your buckets and rinse them thoroughly. Pour soap in your wash bucket together with your wash mitt. Fill your wash and rinse bucket 3 quarters of the way and make sure your foam gun is filled with water and soap.


Note- Make sure that the step above is done before rinsing your vehicle to prevent water from drying on the surface and causing water spots.


*        Rinse your vehicle from top to bottom

*        Use your foam gun to pre-soak the paint to loosen the dirt from the surface (foaming from the                   bottom up)

*        Grab your wash mitt and start washing the car. Always start at the roof, followed by the side                       windows, front window and then the bonnet. Work your way onto the fender moving back, washing                 only the top half of the doors (above the door beading 99% of the time). Move around and follow the           same steps on the other side of the vehicle. Next up is the front bumper followed by the bottom                 half of the side (below the door beading), as well as the other side of the vehicle. Lastly you want to           wash the boot.

*        After the wash had been completed, rinse the car down, from top to bottom.


4)      Drying

*        Fold your drying towel in 4’s and soak it in fresh tap water. Wring the towel out so that it is damp               and not wet.

*        Start drying the car by wiping in straight lines (you can use Quick Detailer/ Spray Wax to assist                 with the drying process)

*        Wring out the towel once it becomes full of water

5)      Door Jambs

*        After drying the vehicle, open up all your doors & use and old/secondary MF towel to dry the door               jambs. Be sure to use a towel that you won’t use on the paintwork of the vehicle as the jambs can                 trap a lot of dirt.


Note- Remember to wipe the bottom part of the door as it stores water. If you don’t, it’ll spill the water once you close the door


6)      Glass Cleaning

Always clean your glass before you apply tyre shine. This will prevent residue from the tyre shine on your hands making its way onto the window cleaning towels


*        Mist a small amount of glass cleaner on a window & wipe side to side, up & down with your glass                     cleaning towel

*        Use a clean dry MF towel & buff the surface


Note- I always start with the front driver side window and work my way around the car.


7)      Wheel drying & Tyre Dressing

*        Use a separate MF towel to dry the wheels. You can add a little bit of Quick Detailer or Spray wax               to your MF towel. Wipe the entire surface to make sure you didn’t miss a spot on the wheels

*        Use your choice of tyre dressing & apply it to the tyres. Work it in multiple directions to ensure good           coverage

Those are the chronological steps & tools that I use for a basic “Sunday wash”. NO detailing has been mixed into any of these steps.

Etiennè Pretorius  ( Owner of Creative Car Detailing )